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Built on industry-leading technologies, Athena Cloud’s data centre services bring together best-in-class compute, storage, and networking with comprehensive managed services

Virtual Data Centre

Our Virtual Data Centre (VDC) solution enables organizations to have more flexibility and control of their IT environment without the expense of having to own and operate the infrastructure on their own. Built for enterprise applications, our VDC solution provides you with the necessary IT resources to build and manage a secure private or hybrid cloud environment. It also enables you to create and implement individual networks, firewalls and VPN connections, as well as allocate resources across your VMs at any time.

Using a self-service web portal for on-demand access, clients can easily create new virtual machines almost instantly, manage and adjust compute memory and storage, and track their resource pool usage. They can also prepare for unpredictable demand without keeping a substantial reserve of idle hardware and software on hand. Instead, contract by subscription or on a pay-per-use basis. Bypass the risks and uncertainties of commodity public clouds with robust and secure infrastructure services you can choose and use with confidence.


  1. On-demand access to your VDC to easily adjust memory, storage, and VM capacity
  2. Instantly create VMs, scaling your environment as needs change
  3. Track and analyze your resource pool
  4. Virtualize your computing, networking, storage and security
  5. On-demand VM snapshots with revert capabilities


  1. Reduce complexity and implementation risk
  2. Simplify the provisioning of infrastructure
  3. Ensure workload and application security
  4. Greater VM performance and manageability
  5. Increase business agility and scalability

Use cases

Enterprise Applications

Migrating enterprise applications, such as email and collaboration software, to a Virtual Data Centre environment is an effective way for IT departments to overcome challenges around capacity planning, application performance and workload management.


  • Most applications and the servers that they run on can be considered candidates for migration to your secure Virtual Data Centre hosted with Athena Cloud.
  • Add a level of flexibility, operational efficiency, agility and security that cannot be achieved in your on-premise environments, enabling faster time to value.
  • Minimize setup and configuration time with centralized management capabilities: see your virtual datacenters from multiple Athena Cloud datacenter regions through a single pane of glass.
  • Upgrade to value-added managed services, such as backups, disaster recovery, next-generation security, and more.
  • Increased security and compliance through stringent Service Level Agreements.

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