Security & Business Continuity

With the global shift to cloud services, security has never been more important. Take advantage of Athena Cloud’s advanced security and business continuity solutions, to protect your critical workloads

Seamlessly replicate and protect business-critical data and applications with a Disaster Recovery solution

It is important for organizations to ensure their business-critical applications can efficiently recover from a disaster situation. Traditional disaster recovery solutions often fail to meet business requirements because they are too complex. With our simplified disaster recovery solutions, we enable organizations to replicate their IT environment and keep their business running, while avoiding disruption and minimizing downtime.

Our team of disaster recovery experts works with our clients to understand how much data their organization can afford to lose, and what recovery objectives make the most sense for their IT environment. In doing so, we can develop a customized disaster recovery plan that ensures business critical applications are always protected. With disaster recovery sites across Canada, organizations are able to seamlessly replicate their environment to another Athena Cloud site away from the disaster situation.

Use this downtime calculator to help measure the impact of a potential disaster on your organization.


  1. Replication sites located at key connectivity centres within data sovereign jurisdictions in North America
  2. Establish RTO and RPO targets that make the most sense for your organization
  3. Automatically failover to disaster recovery site
  4. Create an individual migration plan and sequence for VMs and automate recovery with just one click


  1. Keep your business and applications running in a disaster situation
  2. Avoid disruption to operations and minimize downtown with an effective disaster recovery plan and strategy
  3. Seamlessly replicate data to another AthenaPod located away from the disaster zone
  4. Eliminate data jurisdiction and compliance concerns by using a regionally based provider