Security & Business Continuity

With the global shift to cloud services, security has never been more important. Take advantage of Athena Cloud’s advanced security and business continuity solutions, to protect your critical workloads

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Managed Services

Athena Cloud’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention services help organizations detect and prevent vulnerability exploits on their networks and applications. With an added layer of defense and security, we are able to scan network traffic and determine if there are any malicious attacks or vulnerabilities against target applications, computers, or workloads.


  1. Fully managed platform to continuously protect critical assets and infrastructure,
  2. Application level protection for optimal security and threat prevention,
  3. Includes Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS) with automatic risk and threat detection and monitoring,
  4. Incident and access management for optimal performance,
  5. Monthly reporting with the information that matters most to your business,
  6. 24/7/365 support and infrastructure monitoring,
  7. Access to our team of security experts and specialists.


  1. Continuously monitor and protect your infrastructure and most valuable assets,
  2. Automatically detect threats and risks to your environment,
  3. Protect your organization’s network perimeter, as well as critical assets and applications,
  4. Mitigate security risks and vulnerabilities with our 24/7/365 monitoring and support services,
  5. Flexible range of security solutions and configurations to ensure your organization is always protected,
  6. Ensure your organization is meeting strict compliance and security regulations.